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Picture of 12X9 White Ser Tray 250 9X12x1 Serve Tray

12X9 White Ser Tray 250 9X12x1 Serve Tray

Packaging: CASE
Beverage Carriers and Trays let you hold on tight to both cups and savings. Small drinks won''t slip. Super size cups won''t tip. Our deeper wells give your customers the confidence of a better grip. Exclusive T-slot design. Flat, 3, 5, and 6 compartment cafeteria trays 2 or 4 cup configurations. The strength of molded fiber (99 reclaimed). Holds a range of cups from 8 oz. to 46 oz. Molded fiber cafeteria trays are sturdy and easy-to-handle. Stores in 30 less space than competitive molded fiber products. De-nests quickly. No assembly required. Grips cups tight and stable, even through ''drive-thru'' windows.
SKU: 980008492
Manufacturer part number: 20802