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Picture of 12Oz Clear Deli  10/50 Prokal Deli Container

12Oz Clear Deli 10/50 Prokal Deli Container

Packaging: CASE
Manufacturer: Fabri-Kal
Pro-Kal deli containers are a line of contact-clear, American made microwavable polypropylene round deli tubs with six sizes ranging from 6 to 32 ounces, fit by two common lid styles. Lightweight and cost-effective as an alternative to traditional PET deli tubs, Pro-Kal containers are durable, shatterproof and feature a rolled rim for leak-resistance and easy lid application and removal. Recessed plug-fit and overcap lid compatibility. Heat seal and shrink band compatible for tamper evident applications. Large, flat and un-interrupted labeling space for outstanding branding opportunities. Combo packs available to minimize storage requirements and simplifies operations.
SKU: 980007883
Manufacturer part number: PK12SC