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Picture of 12Oz Cl Deli Combo 240 12Oz Nat Deli Container/Lid

12Oz Cl Deli Combo 240 12Oz Nat Deli Container/Lid

Packaging: CASE
Manufacturer: Pactiv
DELItainer microwaveable containers are available in six standard sizes ranging from 8 to 64 ounces to allow products to be used in a multitude of applications. They are stackable to provide secure nesting for various merchandising settings that helps secure product in place during transportation, refrigerator-friendly and reusable. Leak resistant deli seal maintains food quality and helps prevent messy leaks and spills. Exceptional temperature endurance allows for a variety of food applications, both hot and cold. Can be stored in freezer, refrigerated or microwaved. Clear container design makes product identification simple. Smoothwall design provides adequate surface area for easy and secure label placement.
SKU: 980008628
Manufacturer part number: YL2512